It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

We lead the way in live marketing experiences in Chicago.

Creative Branding

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy we get creative! We thrive on presenting bespoke and rewarding concepts to compete against your competition in an ever-changing and developing market. We make it our job to know your industry and provide clients with a service like no other! The Fortuna Chicago team recognized a need for dynamic and personal advertising solutions, and now has a reputation among major clients. At our core is a solid management group that has seen early results, client confidence and an influx of business. We believe we are ever only as good as our last day so we always strive to improve the results we generate for our clients and grow their consumer base, which in turn allows us to grow as a company.

Tailored Process

Our thorough and knowledgeable branding presentations demonstrate the benefits of each product, generating new leads and enhancing long-term client retention. By gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace, our branding and marketing campaign produces the rapid, dramatic, and continued success clients are seeking. When speed-to-market is a top priority, our resourceful staff can effectively mobilize a local, regional or national branding and marketing force faster than it would take our clients to develop and implement an in-house sales force—all with no upfront investment. Our quick start-up and training times require minimum hassle to our clients.

Why Choose Us

The flexible approach we embrace means we can define ourselves in a unique manner unlike any other branding and marketing company. Representing some of the world’s leading brands provides us with the leverage to take ourselves, customers and clients to the next level. While technology is big player in modern day society, it is unable to provide the caliber of service that good old fashioned conversation can. Here at Fortuna Chicago we understand the importance of leading from the front, and that’s exactly where we aim for our clients to be!

Events & Promotions

Our event marketing solutions brings our clients’ product or service straight to the customer in the form of interactive displays and promotions. Our on-site promotions are incredibly popular as they connect with customers in malls and public venues whilst they are already in a ‘buying’ mind set.

Live Marketing

Our unique approach to marketing allows our clients to interact directly with customers, through straightforward communication. This approach has been proven to achieve impressive results as it allows customers to make a fully informed and confident purchase decision.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of creating and identifying strong sales leads and encouraging long-term customer loyalty. By providing our clients’ customers with first class, personalized customer service, we can dramatically increase their customer loyalty rates and brand reputation.