Our Services

Our Services

We provide four key services for our clients.


Live Marketing

Our unique approach to live marketing allows our clients to interact directly with customers, through straightforward communication. This approach has been proven to achieve impressive results as it allows customers to make a fully informed and confident purchase decision.

Our Live Marketing service includes:

  •  · Personalized interactions
  •  · Highly personalized customer service
  •  · Improved brand awareness
  •  · Increased customer loyalty


Events and Promotions

Our event marketing solutions brings our clients’ product or service straight to the customer in the form of interactive displays and promotions. Our on-site promotions are incredibly popular marketing tools that allows us to connect with customers in malls and public venues while they are already in a ‘buying’ mind set.

Our Event Marketing and Promotions services include:

  •  · Public and private venues
  •  · Shopping centers and trade fairs
  •  · Retail stores


Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of creating and identifying strong sales leads and encouraging long-term customer loyalty. By providing our clients’ customers with first class, personalized customer service, we can dramatically increase their customer loyalty rates and brand reputation.

Our Lead Generation Services Include:

  •  · Efficient campaign management
  •  · Data collection and management
  •  · Targeted market research and testing
  •  · Vital feedback


Brand Loyalty

As Brand loyalty is often based upon perception, our quality customer service is used as a marketing tactic to help distinguish your business from competitors through preferential differentiation. Our services go beyond shallow interactions by creating rich face-to-face experiences that cohesively fuse the physical and digital worlds to build long-term customer relationships with your business.

Our Brand Loyalty services includes:

  •  · Creating favorable consumer perceptions about your business
  •  · Stimulating early stages of brand loyalty and lowering customer retention costs
  •  · Delivering excellent brand aligned customer experiences that generate positive word of mouth