What We Do

What We Do

Fortuna Chicago is a young and energetic marketing company that specializes in customer acquisitions, brand reputation management and offers a cost effective approach using live marketing strategies.

We pride ourselves on generating sales and developing longevity of growth for our clients quickly and efficiently by implementing marketing campaigns. By creating engaging and personalized marketing campaigns we generate a higher ROI than any other outsourced service in our market.


We are an independent marketing company that works with a variety of top-branded clients. Here at Fortuna Chicago we have a fantastic opportunity to grow both short term and long term in the company. We know we have something special to offer which allows us to grow and expand our clients and ourselves rapidly.


We are proud to call some of the most recognized retailers and advertisers in the world our clients. Our clients have seen more results from our in-store marketing campaigns rather than other traditional forms of advertising, such as: print, radio and television and telemarketing. With our in-store marketing campaigns we provide measured results that keep our clients excited about the future.


Our clients are constantly competing in a very competitive industry. We strive to lead the nation in outsourced marketing and in-store marketing campaigns. Our clients have specific fields of expertise ranging from sports, entertainment, hospitality, charities, home renovation and telecommunications services, this really allows our company to grow and it creates a fun exciting environment to work in.